Historic Homes

EDJ is proud to own historical homes, full of character and history. Many of the properties were built in the 19th century and have converted to rentals.

• Built 1888 • 9 apartments • Brick Queen Anne-styled house built in 1888 by Drummond, who started a meat-packing business, Eau Claire Gas and Light, a real estate business, and the Pioneer Furniture Company
• Built 1885 • 5 apartments • The Cutter House is an excellent example of the Queen Anne style. Cutter established a shoe business that catered to the special needs of the lumberjack.
• Build 1897 • 7 apartments • Neoclassical style house • The Clark House, a combination of Colonial Revival and Neo-Classical forms, is a significant architectural addition to the Randall Park Historic District. Nancy Clark was the widow of Dewitt C. Clark, a banking partner of O.H. Ingram. He and his wife had settled in Eau Claire in 1862.
• Built 1900 • 7 apartments • Colonial Revival style house • Dr. Edmund Hayes, husband of Miriam Ingram Hayes was a partner in the O.H. Ingram Company  which was established in 1906 to manage the many and diverse investments of the Ingram family. shoe business that catered to the special needs of the lumberjack.
• Built 1865 • 3 apartments • Gothic Revival style house. • W.W. West built portions of this residence in the 1860s. In the 1880s S.S. Kepler, a mayor of the city and associated with the Kepler Dry Goods Company, purchased the property and remodeled it.